Satterthwaites Bakehouse We are preparing for Mother’s Day next Sunday…’Mum’ Cakes and cupcakes are now available to order – please contact the bakery on 924 1615 to place your order. £14 for a box of 6 cupcakes, £10 for a box of 4 and larger cakes £ at 08:00 amLike
Satterthwaites Bakehouse We are continuing to serve pie 🥧 & mash every Friday 11-2. Customers have told us that it is quite a big meal so we have introduced a smaller steak pie which is served with our delicious creamy mash and a side of peas and a drink if you want! The ‘baby pie and mash’ is £ at 03:22 pmLike
Satterthwaites Bakehouse It’s Red Nose Day tomorrow so we will be selling our Red Nose Happy Face cakes and donating to comic relief for every cake sold… #rednoseday #comicrelief #eatcake14.03.2019 at 08:24 amLike
Satterthwaites Bakehouse It’s British Pie Week 🥧 so we will be serving our delicious Pie & Mash again on Friday lunchtime and we will have some sausage & black pudding rolls on Saturday for you to try.07.03.2019 at 07:00 amLike
Satterthwaites Bakehouse From tomorrow 11am-2pm we will be starting a trial week selling a Satterthwaites Pie and Mash lunch with onion gravy and optional side of crushed peas, to eat in or takeaway £4.95 for pie and mash, £5.50 with a drink or side, £6 with drink & side. Please come in and try it and let us know what you think. 🥧 🥧 😋25.02.2019 at 12:48 pmLike
Satterthwaites Bakehouse Next Thursday 28th February is Global Scouse Day. To celebrate we will be serving up our delicious Scouse Pies and donating 50p from every pie sold to The Whitechapel Centre charity for the homeless. Every day any food we have left over is also collected and given to the Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless.22.02.2019 at 10:32 amLike
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